Rapid Routines

Heart disease is the cause of over a quarter of all deaths in the uk. Just a small amount of regular exercise could drastically change that statistic. Rapid Routines is an app that encourages people to spend 30 minutes a day working out at home.

Heart disease is directly linked with geo-location and economic status. Not everyone has access to a gym or if they do, can afford to pay pricey membership fees. That's why this app is free and you don't need a gym or gym equipment to follow the routines.

Each routine takes exactly 30 mins to complete which is the recommended amount of daily exercise. The user can set the difficulty level and even choose the type of workout they want.

No Equipment Needed

All of the the exercises on the Rapid Routines app are body weight workouts which means no gym equipment is needed. If you have some floor space, 30 minutes to spare and the Rapid Routines app, you're ready to go!

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